Sash windows are well known for their gaps and how they can rattle with the wind. Experiencing a winter in a property with these windows, and with the cold and dirt from the outside blowing in whilst having makeshift wedges of paper jammed into the gaps is no a joke! These windows can be fixed to permanently prevent this, only they have to be done properly. Draughtsealing is the answer. It not only keeps out the cold and road dirt, but it also adds value to your property and soundproofing too. The process takes a day per window to get them right, and then after they are done they will work like brand new again.

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The guarantee we extend through the manufacturer for the draughtseals is for 15 years, and with the zero friction and the two neopolypropylene fins in the centre to keep the cold out; they really do make a huge difference. For example we were finishing up at an apartment building five floors up in Brighton and there was a storm outside that was strong enough to have blown everything off the furniture behind us. The customer with a grin washing across his face had slid the window down to a close, and then in doing so hadn't even locked it either. He'd turned and reminded me about how I'd said to him that once they were draughtsealed the windows would have been amazing. A second had past and then to my horror, and whilst he was chuckling away to himself; he'd produced a feather. He'd dropped it in front of the window and we'd both watched it as it had ever so softly glided down to the carpet beneath us. There was absolutely no wind passing through his sash window at all.

Parting Bead

This goes in the centre of the window frame. It replaces the existing timber one which divides the space of the frame so that the sashes can run up and down in their individual tracks.

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As you can see it has a solid centre core with flexible outer edges. The wings flex out against the sides of the two sashes, and in doing so they prevent the wind from entering your home. The draughtseals are also UV resistant, so you can relax knowing that the sun's harmful rays wont be changing their colour any time soon.

Our services explained.

The Basic Service

This is a no frills service for you to be able to have your windows draughtsealed. It involves removing the old beadings and taking the sashes out of each frame that is worked upon. This is the top and bottom sliding sections. Then with the sashes removed, we remove the old cords and measure the weights of the sashes against the weights inside the frame that are required to counter balance them. You will be told at this point if your windows will need additional weights to make them work smoothly when they are reassembled. These weights are not included in the cost, whereas they are included in the cost if you'd decided to go for our premium draughtproofing service.

We find that windows usually require at least 2Lb's of additional lead counter balance weights adding to them to make the top sashes work nicely. The cost of these weights work out to be around £4 each. Also something else to note is,

- Do your sashes wobble from side to side? - If when you hold your sashes you can move them from side to side freely, then you should be considering the premium service. Included in the premium service we machine extra timber and fix it to the sides of the sashes to stop this.

The basic service is really designed for windows that are in an overall good condition, only they do need draughtproofing.

The Premium Service

This service has it all. We remove the existing beadings that hold the sashes in and take a view of the weights before cutting the cords. Then afterwards we take the sashes outside to our mobile workshop and begin to sand them. Often they are worn and have dirt ingress which causes friction to stop the smooth running of them.

If they do require extra timber being machined, glued and pinned to the sides of the sashes; this is the moment when we will do it. Then after this is done and we've formed a slight bevel on the sides of the sashes, we use a machine to cut hidden grooves into the sashes for our 8.5mm draughtseal to be applied.

The top of the top sash in both levels of the draughtproofing service have white brush fitted within a groove and also in the lower sash.

Then the next step is the bottom meeting rail. The area facing out on the top of the bottom sash. It's planed to ensure that you have a snug fitting pair of sashes upon reassembly of the window, and afterwards a groove is machined into it too. This will have a draughtseal glued in, only NOT just yet! It's done once the frame has been sanded, undercoated and the weights and new cords are fitted correctly plus the top sash has been hung. Then finally, and after the new parting beads have been glued into the sides of the window frame with the top sash on it's new cords, the sash is again moved to be sure of it's operation and a careful marking procedure is done. This ensures that the draughtseal is cut to fit the width of the window precisely before we move on to fit the lower sash with its cords again. Then with everything looking great, the operation of the window is checked once more before the final staff beading is fitted. It's nailed using a nail gun to ensure precision nailing and the small holes left above the nails are then sealed. The beading is also sealed to the sides of the frame using decoration caulk/sealant and smoothed down using a damp cloth before the glass is cleaned.

- What is the real difference between the two services though?

  • The basic service is simply making the windows draughtsealed.
  • There's no sanding of the sides of the sashes to ensure smooth operation.
  • The frame is not scraped down, sanded, or undercoated.
  • No extra timber is machined for the sides of the sashes.
  • The parting bead is only fixed in with decoration sealant and not glued in.
  • The weights for counter balancing the sashes are not included.
  • The final internal staff beads are not undercoated. You will have to paint these afterwards.
  • The glass is not cleaned.

  • NB: It is possible to add extra timber to the sides of the sashes in the basic service, only there would be an additional charge per sash for this.
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