The locks and ironmongery that we can supply

NB: We will be happy to show you any of our examples in person.

What they do

  • Brighton fasteners - They ensure an airtight seal in the centre of sash windows.

  • New pulleys with bearings - They make the sashes run quieter and smoother.

  • Lead weights - required for counterbalancing sashes.

  • Height restriction locks - They allow you to have the bottom sash open slightly but still locked to allow air in. Great for kids bedrooms too.

  • Sash lifts - They aid you in opening the sash and save finger marks from the white paint.

  • Sash handles or 'D' handles as they are known - Fitted externally, they add character to the top sash.

  • Sash eyes - These are for windows that you cannot reach in tall corridors. Pole with a pull attached is also required.

  • Snap locks - They close instantly as the window is closed saving you from having to use a key.

  • Casement window furniture - A range of furniture for casement windows.