Here at French and Sashey we've mastered painting, and over the years drawn the conclusion that the best way to paint these windows is when they are having their draughtseals fitted. This is when they're being overhauled with our Premium Service and not the Basic Service.

When you're painting it's imperative not to get any gloss paint on the seals as it will ruin them. If you do get paint on them it means that the only cure is to reopen the windows and change the seals.

Depending on the level of finish you require, we can offer various levels of painting and we can either charge one figure, or if you are seeking the best service this would be charged by daily rate.

Please see our completed works below.

Finished Sash Window
London Notting Hill
London Notting Hill

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To meet our customers expectations at all times, and to ensure that the quality of our work is of the highest standards.

Complete Painting Services

What we offer

Dulux Paints

Range to include Weathershield

7yr Guarantee

Crown Paints

Their cost saving solo brand

giving excellent results


We have 25 yrs knowledge.

One coat Paint

Just gloss to spruce up your windows

Two Coats

For a lasting finish

Complete Package

2 coats inside and outside

with sanding and filling

between coats.