Having shutters not only provides your home with that ever important shield to the outside world, but they give your living space that extra 'WOW' factor look. You can close them and adjust the slats just enough so that the light coming in creates patterns on the walls. Shadows from the bushes outside will appear as if they are a Banksy work of art, and as the wind blows they'll move around too.

Beautiful shutters in a period design.


We come to your house to measure, and then after about a fortnights lead time we'll be back to fit them. Custom built shutters for your home that will fit perfectly. This is the advantage over having them made abroad on a factory line in some far away place, and then because they are also timber and not mdf, the finish will be sublime.

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The sound proofing aspect of solid timber shutters helps to dampen out the road traffic noise. Then if you've also had your windows draughtsealed, the soundproofing is enhanced that much again and you'll be amazed afterwards at just how little noise comes through.